Union Pacific Rail Workers Getting Their Modjo

Nation’s premier transportation company switches to new Modjo Hydrate Elite™ to keep its workers sharp in Texas, Arkansas and Illinois

SUNRISE, FL – October, 2011 – Working outdoors makes keeping workers properly hydrated a challenge for most companies but not for Union Pacific Rail. The nation’s premier railroad franchise, with workers in 23 states in the western 2/3’s of the country, has added new Modjo Hydrate Elite to its supplies for workers in Texas, Arkansas and Illinois. Cellutions, LLC, the leading maker of new age dietary supplements and beverages (www.modjolife.com) reported that for workers in these states Union Pacific Rail has purchased Modjo Hydrate Elite to replace Gatorade as a means of keeping its workforce well hydrated. Union Pacific Rail is one of the nation’s largest transportation companies with 43,500 employees and 8.200 locomotives.

Modjo Hydrate Elite is the ultimate hydration beverage; the FIRST all-natural thirst quencher infused with real coconut water and fortified with sea salt. Modjo Hydrate Elite is the perfect balance of electrolytes required in a contemporary Sports Drink that’s crafted for the serious athlete and right for everyone and any activity.

Coconut water is the purest liquid on earth, second only to water, and with the addition of 99.9% pure sea salt, Modjo Hydrate Elite has created Formula 125 – the perfect blend of electrolytes, vitamin C and all natural flavors and colors needed to achieve an amazing isotonic with a great smooth taste. Modjo Hydrate Elite is available in the most sought after flavors including, Lemon Lime Ice, Orange Rush, Island Punch and Blue Crush.

“We first shipped samples for flavor testing and next thing we knew we were being asked for a substantial order by Union Pacific Rail and we were replacing Gatorade as their hydration beverage of choice,” said Cellutions founder and President Victor H. Diaz. “It appears as if not only did Union Pacific’s employees enjoy the refreshing natural taste of Modjo Hydrate but that our elite electrolyte formulation won them over. We are excited about the relationship with Union Pacific Rail and look forward to working with their management as they look to provide their workers with healthier and more natural beverage choices.”

More than one year ago Cellutions introduced Modjo forLIFE™, the breakthrough anti-aging and rejuvenation beverage that’s available in three great tasting flavors, Grape Pomegranate, Simply Citrus and Island Punch. Modjo forLIFE is a breakthrough functional beverage powered by the natural ingredient Resveratrol which has been shown to have anti-aging properties as reported in several clinical studies from leading universities and research centers. Modjo forLIFE is also caffeine free and loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

More than four years ago, Cellutions launched Modjo Synergy®a patented and all-natural hangover prevention supplement. Modjo Synergy tablets were the first in a series of Modjo branded lifestyle products launched by Cellutions which was formed in 2002. After Modjo Synergy® the company introduced Caffeine Free, Modjo Life Natural Energy® Shots.

ABOUT CELLUTIONS, LLC and the MODJO brand of Products

Founded in 2002, Cellutions LLC is an international lifestyle company dedicated to increasing the well-being and the quality of life of consumers. Its MODJO line of premium consumer products are crafted with a cost-no-objective approach in order to guarantee a line of natural products that actually work as promised. Cellutions is passionately committed to unrestrained innovation. Innovative formulas such as the ground breaking PURE4MANCE™ our anti-aging matrix , NRGMAX™ our 100% caffeine-free energy matrix, and REVIBE® our patented hangover prevention matrix, are the results of this tireless dedication to discovering new and exotic ingredients and formulating supplements that are of relevance to the consumer. For more information on Cellutions, LLC and its Modjo® line of premium functional beverages and dietary supplements, please visit www.modjolife.com or call Shep Doniger at 561-637-5750.