WAT-AAH! Introduces its Newest Line Extension – WAT-AAH! Body and Brain in 10 oz. Lunch Box Size Bottles

NEW YORK, September 9, 2011 — WAT-AAH!, the first line of functional water for kids launches its new 10 oz. bottle, as an extension to its line of 5 skus currently available in 16.9 oz. bottles (Body, Brain, Power, Energy, and Defense). This new, smaller size is available in schools across the country and designed to meet the growing demands of moms and kids looking for a lunch box sized version of WAT-AAH!

The 10 oz. bottle is available in two skus: WAT-AAH! Brain, with vapor-distilled water and kid-friendly electrolytes, and WAT-AAH! Body, with natural, pure spring water. These two skus carry on the company”s stance against fighting childhood obesity containing absolutely no sugar, calories, coloring or sweetener and tastes like pure clean water. The 10 oz. bottles will be sold in 12 packs and individually, rolling out in schools nationwide as well as select retailers where WAT-AAH! products are currently sold. For more information please contact Christine Widga at christine@wat-aah.com, 212-627-2630. http://www.wat-aah.com.

About WAT-AAH!

WAT-AAH! is a line of functional water for kids free of sugar, calories or coloring. It tastes like pure clean unadulterated water. In a nationwide survey of over 3,000 kids, 9 out of 10 chose WAT-AAH! over soda, drank the whole bottle and asked for more! Since its inception in 2008, WAT-AAH!”s mission is to reverse kids” dependency on sodas and sugary drinks and to make water their #1 choice for hydration. WAT-AAH! is currently available in over 5,000 stores and schools nationwide.