World’s First Appetite Suppressant Drink Without Stimulants or Caffeine

(Boulder, CO – March 10, 2011). The creators of Brain Toniq have come out with their second highly-functional beverage, called Trim Toniq, the worlds first effective non-stimulant based drink designed to curb ones appetite. Premiering at this year”s Natural Products Expo West this coming March 11-13, Trim Toniq is the worlds” first appetite suppressant made without stimulants, such as hoodia and caffeine. Instead, Trim Toniq utilizes some most effective herbs and natural compounds which have appetite-lowering effects.

“Obesity is currently our largest health issue in the modern world. Overeating-simply eating too much at each meal-is the cause behind much of this problem.” says Scott Ohlgren, creator of Trim Toniq. “Trim Toniq can be an effective way to prevent overeating and over snacking.” Trim Toniq”s effect comes from 8 active ingredients, some with exotic names like Achyranthes Aspera and Irvingia gabonensis, both which are seed extracts used in India and Africa for curbing appetites. Another is coca leaf extract, the famous plant from Bolivia. Trim Toniq also contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which has 18 clinical studies showing its ability to reduce bodyfat, especially around the belly.

 Trim Toniq is now being made available to all retail outlets. Eastern US can contact Mark Loebach (, Western US can contact Teresa Aldridge ( Customers can also find it on the company site,, or calling the office, 303.530.4533. If you’d like more information about Trim Toniq, or to schedule an interview with the creator of Trim Toniq, call Brett Lemker at 303 530 4533, or