ZUN Introduces New Packaging Option for ZUN Original and ZUN LITE

BOULDER, CO (Aug 1, 2011) – ZUN, a pioneer in the Energy-Plus drink category, has announced today it will be adding a new, larger package to the line up.  An eye catching 16-ounce can for both ZUN Original and ZUN LITE will now be available, increasing visibility of the brand’s unique style.

ZUN is a powerful proprietary formula, lightly carbonated that includes antioxidants and a substantial amount of Co-Enzyme Q10 & Choline; promoting sustainable energy and improved mental focus.

“ZUN has been fortunate with the trial success of our current 12 oz. patented “Rocket Bottle” and that initial success has enabled us to add a new larger format package to the line.”  Stated Brian Stearns, Founder and CEO of ZUN. “The rocket bottle has set the stage for catching consumer attention, and now with the added 16 oz. completing the line we feel we will have the ability to reach a wider audience and enter new channels” added Stearns.

About  ZUN

Incredibly Refreshing® ZUN is sold in over 20 states and growing rapidly.  Out of this World®, Incredibly Refreshing®, Brain Boosting Energy® and Brain Blasting Energy® are registered Trademarks.  ZUN Bottle is protected by USA and International issued patents and copyrights. For more information, please visit: www.zunenergy.com or see what the brain buzz is all about: www.facebook.com/zunenergy .  GET ZUN SAMPLES AT at NACS BOOTH 3010.