Aptitude Life to Introduce Healthy Kids Beverage in December

LONDON, Nov. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Aptitude Life Ltd (OTC Pinksheets: SUNB), an energy and health drink company based in the UK, plans to introduce a healthy kids beverage to the market this December. The company has identified the growth of the healthy beverage market as a significant opportunity, and the kids drink rollout will be shipping in time for the holiday season.

Aptitude Life Ltd’s, Mr. David Foote, a spokesman for Aptitude Life commented, “Aptitude Kids was created to be a healthy and refreshing beverage for children without being laden with fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy ingredients.  We believe that there is a real opportunity in the beverage industry for healthy kid’s drinks that don’t contain high sugar content but still taste great and have widespread appeal for consumers.  We developed a kid-friendly refreshing beverage offering a healthy alternative to more commonplace sugary beverages that neglect the nutritional requirements of active, growing children.”

According to Mr. Foote, the tasty kid-friendly Aptitude Kids blend is a healthy “go-to” solution for parents who are perplexed about what to provide their children to quench their thirst with a taste that kids will crave. The Kids blend is created with 100% natural ingredients and doesn’t contain one single drop of sugar or fructose corn syrup. He thinks kids will love its naturally refreshing flavor.

Aptitude Life plans to aggressively roll out their new brand of health and energy products to the North American Market, which has been growing by nearly 20% annually for the past 5 years.  The company believes that the high margin and growth in the healthy beverage market is a significant opportunity, as consumers seek out healthier drinks over conventional soft drinks.

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Aptitude Life’s goal is to research and develop innovative products from natural sources to help people build a better and healthier quality of life. Enthusiastic sports professionals and health conscious individuals created Aptitude Life Ltd, in the late 1990’s as a result of certain increasing market demands in the vitamin supplement area. As a result of extensive research conducted by the company to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the various drinks being offered within the market, the company decided to use a new and fresh approach developed with the help of health care professionals and chemists. These new drinks were developed to meet the unique needs of health conscious individuals and their nutritional goals.

The philosophy of Aptitude Life is based on the premise that the human body is best prepared to withstand the negative effects of global environmental stress, if it is given the natural supplements rarely available in the typical modern western diet. For more information on the Company please visit http://aptitudelife.com/.