Bossa Nova Introducing New Acai Superjuices With Only 90 Calories

Lower Calorie, Organic Superfruit Beverages Hit Shelves Mid-February

BLUE ASH, Ohio, Jan. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Bossa Nova, a leading brand of acai superjuices, is launching its organic, superfruit beverages with only 90 calories per 10 fl. oz. This represents a 32% decrease in calories and 30% fewer grams of sugar while maintaining Bossa Nova’s exotically delicious taste and naturally nutritious profile.

“Our antioxidant-rich, organically certified superfruit beverages, now available with fewer calories and less sugar, represent a winning combination for consumers wanting more wholesome beverage choices,” said David Zellen, head of Bossa Nova marketing. “Additionally, we follow sustainable harvesting methods and use an eco-sensitive production process and 100% recyclable bottles.”

Bossa Nova’s reduced calorie superjuices will be available in mid-February in four flavors: organic acai original, organic acai blueberry, organic acai pomegranate, and all natural acerola red peach.

About Bossa Nova

The Bossa Nova Superfruit Company, LLC researches, explores and delivers nature’s most potent superfruits. Headquartered in Blue Ash, OH, Bossa Nova introduced its original, antioxidant-rich, acai juice in North America in 2005. Available in 10-oz. and 32-oz. bottles, Bossa Nova superfruit juice beverages are calorie-conscious and lightly sweetened with agave nectar and Stevia. For more information about Bossa Nova, please visit