Chronic Ice Hemp Iced Tea to Debut Three New Flavors in February

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) (January 03, 2012) — The Kush Boys say they are brewing up three new flavors of their hemp iced tea: grape, peach and a carbonated hemp-ginger ale. The nation’s first premium hemp beverage is also getting a completely new packaging design that expresses the hemp beverage’s refreshing-now-and-healthy-later benefits.

“We’re excited about the new flavors and label art, which better communicates that Chronic Ice is a natural, refreshing drink,” said Jamal Weathers, a co-founder of Kush Boys and representative of Chronic Ice. “The new formula contains 100% cane sugar, whole leaf green tea, organic black tea and hemp seed.”

The original lemon Chronic Ice hemp iced tea will sport the new design in the original Chronic Ice green tones, while the new flavors will debut in the same design but in a rainbow of colors. The new flavors and corresponding colors include grape with a purple label, ginger ale with a brown label, and peach with—well—a peach label.

Chronic Ice is a health tea, and the nation’s first premium hemp beverage. It is made with organic sugar cane, whole-leaf green tea, black tea and hemp seed. According to Dr. Slavik Dushenkov, Executive Vice President of Consolidated Growers and Processors, Inc., hemp seed is a health food. And as awareness of the nutritional properties of hemp seed grows, so does demand.

Each serving of the antioxidant-rich, health tea is free of preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. It has been tested with oncologists and enjoyed by notable hip hoppers Lil’ Wayne, The Game and Snoop Dogg.

For more information about hemp seed, Chronic Ice health tea or Kush Boys Worldwide, visit or call (888) 557-3332.

About Kush Boys Worldwide

Kush Boys Worldwide is a Los Angeles-based company committed to pursuing ventures that benefit a demographic they call the new-age pop culture. Current projects include the online animated series Master Kush; an eco-friendly clothing line for the urban demographic called Kush Couture Lifestyle Apparel (KCLA); an all-natural iced health tea made with hemp known as Chronic Ice; the natural male enhancer Sir Rock; and Kush Boys Studios.

Kush Boys is now launching a number of lifestyle products, such as Chronic Ice and KCLA clothing, to satisfy the needs of a demographic they call the new-age pop culture.