Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda Adventure Brought to Life With New Website

DES PLAINES, Ill./EWORLDWIRE/Oct. 26, 2012 — Cool Mountain is reinvigorating its branding message in the premium soda segment with a refreshed website complete with an all-new mobile-compatible theme, content, and features. With over a decade of sales as one of only a handful of brands to have redefined the gourmet soda segment as it exists, The new Cool Mountain adventure-themed website, set to display this month, builds upon the company”s reputation as a superior product line offering.

“The new interface provides a brand showcase right on the web and delivers the Cool Mountain experience right to the palm of your hand,” stated Cool Mountain President Bill Daker.

The Cool Mountain adventure is featured in a design that literally brings to life the impact the soft drink has on the palate; the theme represents a bold, strong drink that empowers the senses and adds a whole new flavor to adventure. Enhancements to the site offer flexibility to interact and expand Cool Mountain”s distribution and retail presence, strengthening the company”s use of the Web as a marketing and sales platform. The new site has added functionality that includes featuring a direct link where customers can purchase product online and a distribution map to find a local retailer or distributor.

Check out and experience the thrill! About Cool Mountain Cool Mountain markets an array of mouthwatering flavors based in Des Plaines, Ill. Cool Mountain gourmet soda is a premier brand, and is licensed and distributed through franchisee agreements throughout the U.S.