Ecosentials Releases New Forms of Vitamin Squeeze

Phoenix, Ariz. (Nov. 7, 2012) – Breakthrough innovations within the Functional Beverage and Powder Soft Drink Categories have been few and far between.  Ecosentials LLC achieves the breakthrough by delivering functional benefits to the Powder Soft Drink category with Vitamin Squeeze Water Enhancers.  Vitamin Squeeze, available in new on-the-go powder form and 8 oz. liquid, offer customizable flavors and benefits to appeal to each consumer’s lifestyle and personal taste profile.

Vitamin Squeeze powders and liquids are affordable and contain zero-calories, zero-sugars and zero-carbohydrates. They are enhanced with antioxidants, essential vitamins, electrolytes & minerals to replenish your body throughout the day. The global market for functional food and drinks is expected to exceed $150 billion by 2015.

“The demand for Vitamin Squeeze Powder Water Enhancers in our new patent pending squeezable bottle has been overwhelming,” said Ecosentials Founder and CEO Bill McKay.  “According to in-depth research, consumers, specifically Gen X and Gen Y, crave a healthy lifestyle and flavor customization range that is easy to use and travels well. We invented the functional healthy segment of the Water Enhancer Category with our liquid products. We are now taking this one step further to satisfy our research and to support healthy living, simply through hydration.”

Ecosentials LLC has retained a leading investment banking firm to advise regarding financial and growth capital to support the growing demand we are experiencing for our natural and nutritional water enhancers. They have partnered with Moses, an award winning full service advertising agency, for branding, and Blaze PR located in Santa Monica, for Public Relations and Social Media.

Vitamin Squeeze powder contains Vitamins C (120 percent), B6, 12,5,3 (100 percent), D (50 percent), electrolytes, zinc and chromium and offers a number of health benefits.  A full line of functional benefits including appetite suppressant, relaxation, joint health, heart health, memory improvement and digestive system boosters are in the pipeline.

For those who crave that extra burst of energy, the new Energy Vitamin Squeeze Powder is enhanced with 60 mg. of natural caffeine per serving; about the same amount you would find in an 8oz cup of coffee, so you can deliciously and nutritiously fuel your day.

“It was amazing what we discovered in a round of focus groups,” said McKay. “Most consumers do not understand that Vitamins C and B are water-soluble and that their kidneys rapidly excrete these Vitamins.  They loved the idea of replenishing lost vitamins and minerals by squeezing them into their hydration routine. “

Vitamin Squeeze 12oz Liquid Water Enhancers launched in 2012 and are currently available in over 1,800 retail locations including Safeway, Albertsons LLC, Bashas and select H-E-B stores.  The brand has an aggressive nationwide roll-out plan that includes more than 20,000 retail accounts in 2013.

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About Vitamin Squeeze

Ecosentials LLC developed and introduced Vitamin Squeeze Liquid Water Enhancer in 2012 and now is introducing a new Natural Powder Water Enhancer. Vitamin Squeeze is a delicious way to add nutritional value to your drinking water. Vitamin Squeeze provides and replenishes antioxidants, essential vitamins, electrolytes & minerals to your body throughout the day.