Fighter Energy Now Available on

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Fighter Energy, a brand that provides a healthier, more convenient energy drink to consumers, is pleased to announce that its line of products is available for purchase on

The brand, which was developed by a former U.S. Navy search and rescue diver, includes the key ingredient Taurine, which promotes alertness and energy. It uses more effective and healthier ingredients, and allows users to control its flavor by adding tablets to the drink. Fighter Energy is working with Nutritional Products International (NPI) for the distribution of its products to online and retail outlets.

“We are very pleased to announce that Fighter Energy is available on the largest online marketplace, where it will get the exposure it deserves,” said Mitch Gould, CEO of NPI. “This means that more consumers around the world will have access to a better alternative to the usual sugar-packed energy drinks or energy shots.”

Fighter Energy is convenient and portable, featuring 10 drink tablets in one small tube. With just five calories, no sugar and low levels of caffeine, it is a great solution for consumers who need to boost their energy and stay healthy. The product also has a two-year shelf life, with a high-tech canister that preserves freshness.

The drink was borne out of founder Brian Smith’s goal of creating a “perfect energy drink” to provide users with more energy and more vitamins, without the high levels of sugar or caffeine associated with most energy drinks. While serving in the U.S. Navy on a number of counter-drug operations in South America, he and his shipmates were often forced to go several days with little sleep. Based on this experience, Smith developed the initial idea for a better alternative to coffee, energy drinks and energy shots.

“Fighter Energy is truly unique not only because it was developed by a member of our armed forces, but also because it is the first energy drink of its kind to eliminate some of the poor effects that consumers often complain about,” said Gould. “This brand has a bright future and its popularity will only continue to grow.”

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