H2O Overdrive Announces New and Improved Formula and Packaging

SALT LAKE CITY, UT–(Marketwire – Apr 4, 2012) – Innovative Health Solutions LLC (IHS), the maker of H2O Overdrive™ and H2O Overdrive HYDRATE™, announced today the introduction of new packaging and improvements to their unique advanced hydration formulas.

H2O Overdrive™ appeared on the nutritional scene in 2009 in a quiet launch by company owners and co-founders Terry Giles and Randy Olshen. Long-time nutritional industry leaders, Giles and Olshen had professional athletes and serious sports competitors in mind when developing the formula.

“Our focus was on introducing a product that worked,” said Olshen. “Our plan was, and still is, to develop only a select few products and concentrate our efforts on efficacy and on being the best we can be with those few products.”

Since the introduction of their original hydration product, H2O Overdrive™, IHS has introduced H2O Overdrive HYDRATE™; a great-tasting, zero-sugar hydration drink designed for a broader range of users.

“H2O Overdrive™ was developed as our pro formula,” Giles said. “After H2O Overdrive™ was introduced, I worked to develop a formula that was more applicable for the masses; a product with zero sugar, a more appealing taste and all of the same base attributes as the original product. With that in mind, I developed H2O Overdrive HYDRATE™ which is great for athletes from 3 to 103, with zero sugar and zero caffeine,” he said.

Giles continued, “We should stress that H2O Overdrive HYDRATE™ is a zero-sugar beverage. Recent research and published studies on obesity, diabetes and heart disease all illustrate the negative impact of high amounts of sugar in one’s diet. A recent Harvard Study conducted with the American Heart Association showed that even one high-sugar beverage a day increases the risk of heart disease by 20 percent or more. This includes soda, juice, sports drinks and other hydration beverages that contain over 20 grams of sugar per serving.”

IHS is committed to giving consumers superior nutritional formulas founded on the latest scientific research.

“Our commitment is to be the best hydration beverage available, and we will continue to evolve the products and formulas based on the latest science and manufacturing technologies. That is our focus today and tomorrow. We are the best hydration product, period,” Giles said.

Aside from the new and improved formula, IHS is overhauling its packaging to reflect the unique changes and tremendous benefits that H2O Overdrive™ and H2O Overdrive HYDRATE™ offer.

“Our new packaging has more shelf-appeal, and better highlights the attributes of our products. Reception to the flavor improvements of both products has been extremely positive. They’ve been widely received by everyone that has tried them.”

Both H2O Overdrive™ and H2O Overdrive HYDRATE™ are available in three great-tasting flavors; Jostaberry Grape Explosion, Lychee Lemon Rush, and Tangy Tangerine Freeze.

H2O Overdrive™ has only 3 grams of sugar and delivers 8 grams of 100 percent whey protein isolate and 21 grams of complex carbohydrates.

H2O Overdrive HYDRATE™ has zero sugar, 3 grams of 100 percent whey protein isolate and 9 grams of complex carbohydrates.

Both products deliver a balanced electrolyte matrix with over 30 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential to hydration, energy, stamina, performance and recovery.

About H2O Overdrive
H2O Overdrive™ is a high-performance sports beverage that hydrates and energizes athletes at the cellular level with a balanced electrolyte matrix, a precision protein to carbohydrate ratio and over 30 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Its formula helps athletes’ bodies and minds prepare for and recover from strenuous workouts and rigorous competition, improving overall muscle and athletic performance and fitness. For more information about H2O Overdrive™ and H2O Overdrive HYDRATE™ visit www.h2ooverdrive.com

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