Kiwaii Announces Authentic New Label Design

Hellertown, PA—June 19, 2012– Kiwaii True Spring Water wants everyone to know where their pure natural spring water comes from. That’s why Premium Healthy Spring Water Inc. (PHSW) announced today they made a slight change to the look of the bottle for their Kiwaii brand from New Zealand. The new labels started hitting store shelves in June. Kiwaii’s clear square bottle now contains a picture of the actual spring it comes from in the background.

“How many other brands show you where their water comes from?” says Lou Savant, PHSW CEO. “The Blue Spring in New Zealand is a unique water source. It is very pristine and beautiful and putting a picture of the Blue Spring on the label seemed natural and is consistent with our company values. We named our brand Kiwaii “True” Spring Water because we wanted to make a statement about the brand. We believe consumers have the right to know the complete truth about products they consume or use including where it comes from, how it’s made and what is in it.”

The company has always made Kiwaii’s full water analysis available to consumers through its website,

“We tell people exactly where Kiwaii comes from and what is in it,” says Savant. “Kiwaii formerly had a picture of a New Zealand waterfall on the label. Putting an actual picture of the spring is more authentic . Kiwaii is 100% natural and nothing is done to alter the natural properties of the water. Kiwaii tastes like water is supposed to taste. It tastes as clean and refreshing as it looks.”

About Kiwaii 100% True New Zealand Spring Water

Kiwaii, pronounced (key-why-ee), is a combination of the words “Kiwi” and “Wai”. “Kiwi” is the nickname of the New Zealand people and “Wai” is the New Zealand native Maori word for water. Kiwaii originates from the “Blue Spring”, an abundant artesian spring on the North Island of New Zealand. New Zealand is well known for its diverse natural beauty, pristine ecosystems and strong protection of natural resources. Only a small fraction of the spring’s daily 13 million gallon output is permitted for bottling. Eco-conscious consumers can be confident Kiwaii’s bottling operation has zero downstream impact on the local environment, and the spring is indefinitely renewable and sustainable. Kiwaii is bottled in a state-of-the-art, certified organic and kosher facility. The natural properties and purity of the Blue Spring give Kiwaii a smooth, clean taste unlike any other water. Kiwaii is sold in more than 1,500 grocery and natural food stores in the United States plus three Caribbean islands, Japan and New Zealand.

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