KonaRed Superfruit Beverage Expands Distribution

KONA, Hawaii, Feb. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Move over acai and pomegranate, Hawaiian Kona coffee fruit is the next superfruit taking the health scene by storm with powerful antioxidant properties and ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scores that are off the charts.

KonaRed™, the first beverage on the market to feature this superfruit juice sourced from 100 percent U.S.-grown premium coffee fruit from Kona, Hawaii, will be highlighted at the Natural Products Expo West (booth 5523) March 9 – 11, 2012 in Anaheim, California. KonaRed has grown in popularity in Hawaii and is expanding distribution on the U.S. mainland, with heavy emphasis in Southern California.

KonaRed is derived from the fruit that surrounds, protects, and nourishes the Kona coffee bean. This powerful coffee fruit provides extremely high levels of bioavailable antioxidants that enter your system immediately to fight aging, inflammation and ultimately, disease. KonaRed has gained a following among outdoor and health enthusiasts including Leila Hurst, elite surf champion, and Candice Appleby, the No. 1 women’s stand up paddle boarder, who tout its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Clinical trials for these antioxidant properties are just under way.

“KonaRed is a product health enthusiasts appreciate from both a functional and a sustainability standpoint,” said KonaRed CEO and Co-Founder Shaun Roberts. “Consumers tell us that KonaRed not only packs a powerful nutritional punch that it also provides them with an all-natural energy boost that fits their active lifestyle.”

KonaRed is not only great for consumers but a boon to Hawaii’s coffee farmers, who now have a market for the more than 40 million annual pounds of previously unused coffee fruit. KonaRed can be traced from the field to the bottle, every step of the way.

KonaRed antioxidants boast an ORAC score of 2,501 per gram – significantly higher than acai, pomegranates and blueberries, all praised for their high antioxidant properties.

KonaRed Antioxidant Juice is an all-natural, berry flavored beverage with no coffee, preservatives or GMOs, 130 calories per serving and less naturally occurring sugar than most fruits. It is available in 16-ounce bottles (MSRP $3.50-$3.99) and three-ounce wellness shots (MSRP $2.99 and 50 calories). New convenient powdered stick packs will be introduced this spring.

KonaRed is currently available at health, grocery, convenience and Costco stores in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Montana and Idaho. It can also be purchased direct online at www.konared.com or by calling 808.212.1553.

About KonaRed
In 2008, KonaRed’s executive team, led by CEO and Co-Founder Shaun Roberts, set out to study the health benefits of the coffee fruit in conjunction with Kona’s major coffee producers. After months of clinical tests that identified the coffee fruit’s highly-beneficial antioxidant properties, KonaRed was developed to bring this superfruit to the market. For more information on KonaRed, please visit www.konared.com, or call 808.212.1553. We also invite fans to “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or watch us on YouTube. Taste It! Feel It! Live It!