Mix1 Relaunches Nutritional Shakes in the Natural Channel

Boulder, Colorado – November 28, 2012 — mix1® Nutritional Shakes made with Natural Ingredients for active lifestyles unveils newly packaged fruit flavored shakes.  This marks the much anticipated return of some of mix1’s most popular flavors—Mix Berry, Blueberry Vanilla and Lean Performance 90 Calorie Strawberry Banana to the natural channel in 11 oz Tetra Packs, featuring a resealable Dream Cap.

Each flavor features corresponding fruit photography to convey increased taste and appetite appeal while maintaining the brands vibrant color scheme. While the front of the package also clearly communicates key product benefits; natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals, satisfying protein, fiber, and the shakes rich source of antioxidants. The resealable Dream Cap makes it easier than ever for busy, active adults to get the nutrition they need by grabbing a mix1 for breakfast on the go, a snack at work, or pre/post workout.

“We are thrilled to return some of the most popular mix1 flavors to the shelves with a new look, great taste and optimal mix of nutrients consumers need to support their healthy active lifestyles. We also want to thank all of our retail partners for their support during the relaunch and look forward to getting mix1 on-shelf as quickly as possible,” stated Brian Murphy, mix1 CEO.

The newly designed 11oz Tetra line of mix1 Nutritional Shakes will be available at natural retailers and conventional grocery stores in the nutrition aisle. Both Rocky Mountain Whole Foods and King Soopers stores will be among the first to have mix1 on the shelves. mix1’s Chocolate and Vanilla including Lean Performance 90 calorie Nutritional Shakes will switch over to Tetra Dream Cap Packaging in early 2013. Locate mix1 retailers at www.mix1life.com/store-locator.

About mix1:

mix1® aims to change people’s lives by supporting active lifestyles and promoting overall health through products that are made with all natural ingredients and deliver truly functional nutrition.  mix1 Nutritional Shakes and mix1 Lean Performance 90 Calorie Nutritional Shakes are made with Natural Ingredients and vitamins and minerals and are available in a variety of flavors.. Perfect on-the-go as a healthy snack/meal replacement or pre /post workout, great tasting mix1 Nutritional Shakes deliver a healthy mix of protein, vitamins and minerals, fiber and antioxidants that active adults need to be their best. Find a retailer at mix1life.com.