PALO Cultivates Creativity at New York ArtExpo 2012

New York, NY (March 2012) – Opening doors for both established and emerging artists to showcase their talents to art industry players and experts, New York-based PALO Root Tea™ is thrilled to support the 33rd annual International Art Exposition (ArtExpo) on March 22-25 at Pier 92, New York City. Known for its all-natural and uniquely-blended PALO Root Tea™, PALO is proud to continue to support the ArtExpo in hosting artists who, for the past three decades, include world renowned names such as Andy Warhol, Peter Max, Robert Rauschenberg, Keith Haring, Robert Indiana and Leroy Neiman.

“With our company firmly rooted in our commitment to culture, creativity, and health, I am excited to take part in such a creative event for the second year in a row,” says PALO Founder and CEO, Kenyatta Bell. “ArtExpo New York is a place where people from every background can come together under one roof and be inspired by art that truly resonates with them.”

Bell, a former music industry executive and son of Jazz bassist Aaron Bell, has a life-long appreciation and respect for art of all forms. He says PALO’s involvement in the ArtExpo is a way to support artists who need the opportunity to highlight their work. Despite being a young company, PALO prides itself on its commitment to giving back to its community, both locally and globally. PALO’s main ingredients are sustainably wild-harvested in the forests of the Dominican Republic.

In the past, PALO has worked with various organizations to promote food security and education and is currently working with USAID and Pangea Advisers from Columbia Business School to support local aromatic and medicinal herb farmers in the country. “PALO supports organizations like the ArtExpo that inspire the community and serve as catalysts for change,” says Bell. At last year’s ArtExpo, Bell happily explains that PALO Root Tea was a favorite as it became the go-to beverage of staff, exhibitors, and guests.

“Our delicious, refreshing drink provided that natural energy boost when people needed it most.” Join PALO in this year’s ArtExpo on March 22-25 at Pier 92, New York City and discover hundreds of exhibiting artists, galleries and publishers from around the world, all displaying original artwork, prints, paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, glass works and more.

About PALO Root Tea™

Founded by Kenyatta Bell in 2007, PALO Root Tea is brewed from Mamajuana, a blend of 16 different wild-crafted roots and herbs. The beverage is derived from the traditional system of herbal health and wellness of the Taino Indians of the Dominican Republic. 100% natural tea, PALO contains phytochemicals, polyphenol antioxidants, vitamins and trace minerals that work together to balance and support the body’s efficiency. Brewed with no preservatives, no additives, no natural flavorings, no colorings, and no juice concentrates, PALO Root Tea provides sustained energy and balance without caffeine and offers immune system support and stress-fighting qualities. PALO is a uniquely delicious tea that combines cultural tradition with the taste and health benefits that consumers desire. For more information about PALO Root Tea, please visit