Palomar Mountain Spring Water Introduces Zest in a Bottle!

Escondido, CA (May 21, 2012) – Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water is introducing a refreshing new twist on its healthy, all-natural, mountain-sourced sparkling water packaged in environmentally-friendly glass bottles by creating a line of citrus-flavored beverages. The citrus-flavored sparkling water, like the original version, is available through home and office delivery and at an array of establishments throughout the county, including restaurants, health food markets, some convenience stores and a growing variety of additional venues.

The currently available lime-infused sparkling water will soon be joined by a lemon version and a “mangerine” that blends mandarin orange and tangerine. All citrus sparkling waters are naturally flavored; free of sugar, artificial sweeteners and other additives. They impart a vivid but subdued essence intended to delight the palate, offering a refreshing alternative to everyday water and a healthy alternative to drinks containing sugar, caffeine, preservatives and other ingredients that can detract from good health.

According to Palomar owner Eric de Jong, “Our original sparkling water became an instant classic when it debuted in early 2011. The product’s success led to the development of our expanded line. San Diegans are known to be both health-conscious and taste-conscious, making these touch-of-citrus drinks a ‘natural’ for our region. They offer a healthy accompaniment to an exercise regimen and can put the sparkle in any occasion.”

De Jong says the refreshing experience begins the minute you open the resealable cap and drink in the essence of lime, lemon or mangerine. “With Palomar Mountain overlooking a valley renowned for its citrus crops, our new line of sparkling water celebrates our area’s rich agricultural traditions while delivering the pure, healthy Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water taste our customers have come to expect.”

The citrus and original sparkling waters are packaged in attractive 750 ml glass bottles, 12 bottles per case and 65 cases per pallet. They are available in select establishments and through home and office delivery. More information is at 760-743-0140.

Established in 1985, Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water is sourced from free-flowing springs located atop Palomar Mountain; high above the smog level and untainted by man-made extraction equipment, contaminants or additives. The naturally balanced and deliciously refreshing water is delivered to homes and businesses throughout the region.  You also can ask for it by name at your local health food outlet, convenience store and restaurant. For information, visit