Party Armor Establishes New Distribution in Michigan

Hangover protection shot partners with Pisani Inc. and Four Seasons Beverage Of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.

Party Armor™ the “2oz. Hangover Protection™ shot” establishes distribution with Pisani, Inc.  and Four Seasons Beverage. Both Distributors are located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Pisani, Inc. is a beer, wine and non-alcoholic distributor with territories including the counties of Keweenaw, Houghton and Ontonagon.  Four Seasons Beverage is primarily a beer and non- alcoholic beverage distributor with the counties Baraga, Dickinson, Iron, and Menominee. Cason Thorsby, CEO of Party Armor™ commented,  “We’re pleased to secure distribution in the U.P., and the timing couldn’t be better. Northern Michigan offers a lot of entertainment throughout the summer/fall, and we look forward to helping Michiganders recover after an evening of fun!”

How It Works

Drinking one shot of Party Armor™, before bed, releases a liquid shield of protection throughout your body. Loaded with 18 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, smart herbs, and amino acids, Party Armor™ not only replenishes what your body loses during a night of drinking, but also helps detox your liver, blood, and brain while you sleep!  One of the most effective ingredients in Party Armor™ is L-Glutathione. Considered to be the “Ultimate Warrior” antioxidant, this enzyme helps detox the liver and destroy acetaldehyde.

Party Armor™ is based in Bay City, Michigan and was founded by Cason and Curtis Thorsby.