REBOOTizer Introduces Detox Supplement to Beverage Alcohol Industry

Exceptional Destress/Detox supplement offers relief from overindulgence so consumers can “Feel better today, Live better tomorrow”

Wilton, CT (January 18, 2012) — REBOOTizerTM, the leading Destress/Detox antioxidant supplement, has officially launched its 2012 nationwide initiatives in select Southern California retailers, the first of its test markets in the new year to achieve retail distribution. REBOOTizer is a unique concept that effectively eliminates of toxins and free radicals in the body, otherwise known as Oxidative Stress Relief (OSR).
In addition to long-term aging effects, temporary oxidative stress is generated in peaks by junk food, caffeine and alcohol consumption, among others. The morning after price of this imbalance can include a pounding headache, fatigue, cotton mouth, queasy stomach and a weakened immune system. REBOOTizer, available for consumption in individual pouches for maximum potency, can be taken after an evening of food and drink indulgence to help consumers wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, proving, with only one take, the high efficiency of REBOOTizer on combating Oxidative Stress.

REBOOTizer has already found a loyal consumer base in San Francisco, where Marc Staudenbaur of 4D Experiential sells the product to high-end liquor retailers around the Bay Area. Events, such as in-store samplings, have driven consumers to return to REBOOTizer as a means to ‘live better tomorrow’. Staudenbaur said, “A lot of consumers using REBOOTizer with consistency are hosting dinner parties and entertaining at home. They go so far as to give REBOOTizer to their guests before they leave.” Convenient and easy-to-store, the REBOOTizer single-use pouch is a stress-free addition to any party-hosting to-do list that shows extra attention to detail, simpler than even deciding on the evening’s menu.

As a leading supplement in combating Oxidative Stress, REBOOTizer is a distinctive blend of seven naturally powerful, clinically researched, antioxidant-rich fruit and plant extracts developed by the Alpenrose Clinic in Switzerland. “REBOOTizer was developed to counter the effects of things that cause oxidative stress: regular aging as our body function declines, air travel, environmental and air pollution, smoking, strenuous exercise, and overindulgence with food and drink,” said Catherine Brandt, CEO of REBOOTizer USA. “REBOOTizer can be taken daily to combat Oxidative Stress and reduce free radicals circulating in the body – at minimum; REBOOTizer is best served as part of a consecutive 6-day detox each month along with each time after you feel that you’ve really indulged. The high bio-availability of the antioxidants and enzyme systems from the plants and fruits extracts will prove with (the) immediate results – feeling good and fresh the morning after a party, and maintaining your best body performance.”
Additionally, the product is the only OSR supplement available in a patented dual compartment Mix SystemTM package. This unique packaging design keeps the plant extracts in a pouch separated from the reverse-osmosis purified water until activated (the point of consumption), resulting in maximum efficacy, freshness and absorption of the ingredients by the body (bio-availability).
In the on- and off-premise, REBOOTizer’s focus within the liquor industry is to introduce the single pack, a convenient, two-ounce pouch that consumers simply squeeze, shake and drink to absorb the product’s active, all natural ingredients. Both channels will be supported with creative and informational POS, including fact cards and sell sheets. Sampling events will also be implemented at the retail level with competitive incentive programming, as well as in the on-premise at nightclubs and bars.

REBOOTizer is available nationally for direct purchase online ( and is presently available at over 35 Whole Foods Market stores in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii, among other retailers to be announced in early 2012. REBOOTizer will continue to roll out in test markets across the country throughout the year.

About REBOOTizer

REBOOTizer is a dietary supplement designed to combat oxidative stress and neutralize damaging free radicals. Developed by leading bio-chemist Anne Sophie Bongain for the Alpenrose Clinic in Switzerland, REBOOTizer’s remarkable supplement system is designed to neutralize toxins and free radicals into “inert molecules”, boost metabolic efficiency and assist the liver to “detox” naturally. REBOOTizer is imported by Global Entry, LLC in Wilton, CT