Sneaky Pete’s Oat-based Beverage Hits Shelves of Major Retailers

Entrepreneur goes back to basics with all-natural oat based beverage

BUTLER, N.J., June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Only on the market for two short months, Sneaky Pete’s, the first all-natural, refreshing, 40 calorie oat-based beverage has already hit the shelves of major retailers such as ShopRite, Kings, Foodtown, Corrado’s Market, Safeway, Wegmans, Albertsons, Giant Eagle, Mother’s Market, HyVee, King Soopers, Meijer’s, Von’s, Gelsons, Randalls, Genuardi’s, and Bristol Farms.

Through hard work and dedication, Pete Stilianessis, Founder and CEO of Sneaky Pete’s Beverage, has realized a dream: “For me, the American Dream means finding ways to help people lead healthier lives, while enjoying great tasting food products.” With all the concern over soda’s negative health effects, Sneaky Pete’s now fills a much desired place on shelves, as it isn’t just empty calories or filled with sugar but actually nutritious.

Steeped in old world roots, Stilianessis has introduced a revolutionary beverage that is based on a 100 year old family recipe, allowing adults and children to get the fiber their bodies need while drinking a great tasting beverage: “The average adult struggles to get the minimum recommended daily fiber; it’s a serious problem” he says. Without artificial colors or flavors, Sneaky Pete’s provides adults and children the heart healthy soluble fiber of an entire bowl of oatmeal.

After Stilianessis met up with a childhood friend Jerry Bello, CEO and Founder of KEEN Marketing & Manufacturing, the two came up with a quick and clever plan to bring this dream to the masses. Since KEEN is focused on developing great tasting and healthy products and bringing them to market, Bello saw this product as a perfect fit for his company. “Sneaky Pete’s meets a demand in the market that hasn’t before been met. We’re proud to help bring such a wholesome and innovative beverage to market,” said Bello.

Sneaky Pete’s flavors include Apples Away, Peach Perfection, Grape Escape, Raspberry Beret, and Mango Mystique. Find a local retailer and learn more about the revolutionary delicious way to drink in better health at or on Facebook and Twitter @SneakyPetesBev.

About Sneaky Pete’s
In 2010, entrepreneur Pete Stilianessis founded Sneaky Pete’s Beverages, LLC with a primary objective to bring a healthy grain based beverage product to market that is low in calories. With roots tied to a 100 year old family recipe, Stilianessis and his team have been successful in creating an innovative refreshing beverage utilizing a proprietary Oat Bran Concentrate with erythritol and rebaudioside-A as primary ingredients. Mr. Stilianessis joined forces with childhood friend Jerry Bello RPh, a food and beverage entrepreneur to help commercialize Sneaky Pete’s. Refreshing and non-gritty, with only 40 calories per serving and a heart healthy 3 grams of fiber, Sneaky Pete’s sneaks a little goodness into anyone’s life – launched March 2012.