TalkingRain Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Recent growth catapults Northwest beverage company onto international stage; Inspires year-long celebration of rain

PRESTON, Wash., June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Washington-based TalkingRain, a beverage company east of Seattle, today announced it is celebrating 25 years of refreshment. Situated in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in the small town of Preston, this innovative company is outselling international water brands in flavor-categories across the nation and is finding success internationally in Canada, Japan, Korea and Mexico.

“We are proud to celebrate this landmark achievement as it represents our resilience in a highly-competitive industry,” said Kevin Klock, president of TalkingRain. “It shows us that you don’t have to be big to be great and that our simple commitment to delivering products that people enjoy works.”

TalkingRain has been an iconic brand of the Seattle area for 25 years – a staple at everything from large community events to the sidelines of youth soccer games. Since re-vamping the company, sales have skyrocketed 300% and its brand Sparkling ICE was recently named a 2011 Food and Beverage “Rising Star” by SymphonyIRI .

“We are thrilled with the success we’ve seen around the nation,” added Klock, “but we recognize that we wouldn’t be here if not for the unique Northwest culture that has inspired so many of our products – especially its rain.”

In honor of that culture, TalkingRain is taking the 25th Anniversary year as an opportunity to celebrate what many people complain about – rain. Two festive raindrop mascots, Drip and Drop, are popping up all over the city making videos of their appearances and posting them online.

Drip Comes to Seattle

Drip Goes to Starbucks

Drip Waters Flowers

While neither Drip nor Drop speak, both have indicated that they want to hear from people who have ideas about where they should go to best share the best of Seattle with the rest of the country now that the company has grown.

What places, events, and people best represent Seattle and the Northwest?

Ideas for where Drip should go next can be contributed via and Twitter @driptalkingrain. Winning ideas that turn into Drip videos will receive a free case of TalkingRain and will be entered to win an official Seattle BBQ set – complete with umbrella.

The idea to get customers to tell Drip where in Seattle to go comes from the company’s deep community history. Unlike many beverage companies, TalkingRain’s products are not outsourced to third-party beverage consultants. The company creates flavors and designs in-house and has also turned customer ideas into successful products. For example, two flavors of Sparkling Ice – Lemonade and Coconut Pineapple – came from direct customer recommendations.

“Good ideas are good ideas no matter where they come from – whether it’s inside the company or feedback from consumers,” added Klock. “We’ve been TalkingRain for 25 years and we want to celebrate what has made us who we are with the people who have helped make us.”

About TalkingRain®

Founded in 1987, TalkingRain is a small business comprised of 150 employees and has grown to be a leader in the beverage industry offering a variety of drinks ranging from mountain spring water to flavored sparkling spring water. The TalkingRain® family of beverages includes thirst-quenching product lines: Twist, Sparkling ICE®, AirWater®, TalkingRain Fusions™, TalkingRain Mountain Spring Water and alkingRain Sparkling Water, all of which are created to refresh the body and renew the mind. For 25 years TalkingRain has stayed true to its vision and its commitment to community by continually creating great tasting, refreshing beverages. For more information about TalkingRain Beverage Company, please visit