The Double Cola Company Expands Distribution in Georgia

Chattanooga, TN – The Double Cola Company is excited about expanding distribution in Georgia. Gusto Brands, Inc. has recently begun to distribute all Double Cola product lines in several counties west of Middle Georgia. Gusto Brands, Inc., founded in 1945, is a family-owned business based out of LaGrange, Georgia.  Operated by the third generation, the business also distributes Coors products and has a wine and spirits division.

Gusto Brands, Inc. will carry DOUBLE-COLA, SKI, CHASER, and the JUMBO line of flavored sodas. DOUBLE-COLA, the company’s flagship beverage, is known among cola drinkers for its refreshingly smooth taste. SKI, a citrus soft drink made with real lemon and orange juices, is one of the company’s best sellers. CHASER is a lemon lime beverage that was only sold abroad until 2010. JUMBO is a flavored soda line that offers the flavors: fruit punch, grape, orange, peach, strawberry, watermelon, pineapple, strawberry-kiwi, and root beer.

The Double Cola Company is thrilled with the Georgia expansion and is confident the products will do well in the new market.  “Commitments from the ownership and management at Gusto Brands, along with their dedicated sales force, give us confidence that we will be successful in their market areas,” says Mitch Reed, Director of Sales.

The company partners with distributors to continuously grow the business and deliver a one-of-a-kind family of brands to consumers.

About Double Cola

The Double Cola Company is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Around the world, bottlers and distributors market Double Cola’s family of soft drinks.