Zero Calorie Cola DIET DOUBLE-COLA Reveals New Look

Chattanooga, TN – DIET DOUBLE-COLA is shaking up the world of zero calorie sodas with its extraordinary new look. Holding on to the original time-honored formula, DIET DOUBLE has paired the original diet cola taste with far from ordinary packaging in order to create a favorable impression among diet cola and cola drinkers alike. DIET DOUBLE doesn’t just aim to gain favor among diet cola drinkers.

DIET DOUBLE is reaching out to a growing market of youthful soda drinkers who are becoming interested in lower calorie options. The new tagline “Surprisingly Diet,” found on DIET DOUBLE’s new packaging, is aimed to catch the attention of those consumers who don’t normally reach for a “diet” soda because of the typical stereotype diet soft drinks have of “tasting diet.” DIET DOUBLE-COLA’s taste is sure to surprise many cola drinkers, as it is full of original DOUBLE flavor. It has been handcrafted from the same time-honored formula and treasured ingredients for years.

New DIET DOUBLE-COLA cans and 12 packs will hit stores in mid-October. The new packaging is a bold and iconic look, a look perfect for a company that knows how to compete in a world of big name colas. The hand-drawn elements are meant to stand out against the corporate and slick logos of competitors on the shelves.

The Double Cola Company’s Vice President Gina McCommon said, “We feel the bold new packaging will help DIET DOUBLE catch the attention of consumers browsing a crowded shelf. We anticipate that the stand-out graphics will elevate the brand’s appeal and awareness, taking DIET DOUBLE to the next level.”

About Double Cola

The Double Cola Company is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Around the world, bottlers and distributors market Double Cola’s family of soft drinks.