Balance Water Requested As Backstage Beverage at MTV Movie Awards

Continuing its strong popularity with artists, actors and musicians Balance Water has been requested to be the backstage beverage and in the dressing rooms for all the performing artists at the MTV Movie Awards 2013.

This is not a gifting suite nor is there any fee for providing product to the artists. Despite Balance’s Australian heritage and having an Aussie host this year, Rebel Wilson, the request for Balance to supply several hundred bottles came from the American contingent. Balance was also requested to be the dressing room and backstage beverage at the Grammys earlier in the year and it’s popularity among performing artists is growing. Balance Refresh and Balance Mind were the requested beverages. Balance Mind is for focus and concentration and Balance Refresh is for restoring equilibrium. Both functions might be sorely needed on the Awards night.

“We can help restore a person’s balance but we can’t take any responsibility for what that balance is” said a smiling Chalk, Balance’s co-founder.

About Balance Water

Balance Water is a small, fast growing, privately held company headquartered in New York with offices in Sydney, Australia and Cologne, Germany. Balance Water created the category of functional non-flavored by adding hand picked flowers growing wild in some of the most remote parts of Australia to spring water. In the US alpine spring water is sourced locally in Sierra Nevada, CA and the Catskill mountains, NY. Balance does not ship finished product around the world. Balance bottles locally wherever it is sold.