Blue Monkey Coconut Collection Releases Coffee Drink

BURLINGAME, Calif. — A refreshing and healthful modification to your morning coffee fix, the Blue Monkey™ Coconut Collection today releases its new Coconut Coffee Drink, a new coffee-infused, all-natural coconut milk/cream beverage. Made with organic coffee, organic coconut cream and organic evaporated cane juice, Blue Monkey’s Coconut Coffee is an ideal morning or anytime cold beverage for those looking for a little more out of their “cup of joe.”

This 100% organic coffee/coconut combo has a delicious, light nutty flavor with a decidedly healthy punch thanks to the addition of pure coconut milk. It is also low in fat and only 100 calories per 8oz serving.

“Tempering coffee with naturally nutritious coconut milk not only tastes great, it helps people feel better about their morning fix,” says Simon Ginsberg, Blue Monkey founder. “With surprisingly compatible flavor profiles, adding coffee to coconut milk in a convenient, ready-to-drink beverage just made sense.”

Derived from the white meat of mature coconuts, Blue Monkey’s Coconut Milk is a lactose, soy and dairy free alternative made from isotonic natural ingredients. Completely free of preservatives, the coconut milk is under 100 calories per serving, low in fat (comparable to 2% milk), and naturally high in vitamins and minerals. Produced in the U.S. from imported organic, kosher and fair trade ingredients from Indonesia and the Philippines, each coconut is screened for optimum quality and sweetness.

The Blue Monkey Coconut Coffee Drink, packaged in BPA-free and easily recyclable 15oz cans, will be available at select natural and mainstream markets nationwide throughout the U.S. and Canada and online at at the end of February for an SRP of $2.79.

About Blue Monkey Coconut Collection

Founded in 2010 by the husband and wife team of Simon and Mary-Jane Ginsberg (the pair behind the successful Ice Age Glacier water brand), all Blue Monkey coconut products feature 100% pure coconut – not from concentrate, with nothing added and preservative free. The Blue Monkey Coconut Collection is a full beverage line including juice blends and instant coconut water.