Cascade Ice Expands Availability to All 50 States

LOS ANGELES — Unique Beverage Company, LLC is thrilled to announce the expansion of its most popular beverage line, Cascade Ice Zero-Calorie Water, to all 50 states nationwide. Cascade Ice Zero-Calorie Waters are now available in such store chains as Albertson’s, Fred Meyers , Winn Dixie , Safeway, QFC, A&P, Raley’s, Fareway, HEB, Market Basket and Winco, among many others. Cascade Ice also has availability at Costco Wholesale in Northern California and the Midwest.

Cascade Ice Zero-Calorie Waters are free of unnecessary and unhealthy “extras” found in other flavored waters like calories, sodium, caffeine, gluten and sugar. Compared to many popular soda brands which can contain upwards of 38 grams of sugar, Cascade Ice beverages are sugar-free and full of flavor.

Cascade Ice has over 21 delicious and unique flavors including Cranberry Pomegranate, McIntosh Apple, Orange Mango, andCoconut. The sparkling waters have a delightful “fizz” combined with natural fruit juices. In addition to the sparkling waters, Cascade Ice has a line of skinny cocktail mixers in 6 classic flavors including Margarita, Cosmopolitan and Apple Tini, and a line of USDA certified organic waters.

With the arrival of the spring season, it’s time to start switching your hot coffees and teas for something cool and refreshing. But don’t reach for a lemonade or margarita just yet! Did you know that a glass of lemonade has over 30g of sugar? And a margarita can have up to 600 calories per serving!

There’s no sense in getting weighed down right before swimsuit season. Try mixing up some fun, flavorful and low-calorie drinks using Cascade Ice like these below!

Cascade Ice Coconut
Don’t have time on your hands? Simply pour Cascade Ice’s Coconut water over ice and serve. Add a few maraschino cherries for some added flavor. Simple and thirst quenching, minus the calories.

Strawberry Limoncello Spritzer
Start with 6oz of Cascade Ice Zero-Calorie Strawberry Lemonade. Mix in 2-3oz of Limoncello and a touch of honey. Rim the glass with some salt and a lemon slice to garnish!

Grapefruit Cooler
Pour some Cascade Ice Zero-Calorie Pink Grapefruit over ice. Then slice a grapefruit and squeeze it into your glass for some extra-fresh grapefruit flavor. Lastly, squeeze in two fresh lemon wedges for a tangy touch. Yum!

Unique Beverage Company, LLC is a beverage company headquartered in Everett, Washington, creating and distributing a variety of refreshing drinks in grocery chains and convenience stores throughout the United States.