China Mist Tea Company Introduces Two New Brands

Company Cites Unsatisfied Demand For Quality Tea In Restaurants as Catalyst

Scottsdale, AZ – China Mist Tea Company has extended its offering to three distinct brands of tea in response to the growing demand for quality tea in restaurants. In 1982, the company introduced the first gourmet tea to foodservice with its premium iced tea brand, China Mist. With the launch of two new brands to meet the needs of distinctly different consumer markets, the company is extending into foodservice segments that historically only had access to low quality or commodity style tea.

The two brands, DJ’s TeaMarket Blends and Signature Tea were developed in response to what the company sees as unmet demand created by the escalating consumer movement toward quality tea. As awareness of quality tea continues to develop in virtually all consumer markets, the company has experienced a coinciding demand from all segments of the market. The company’s new offerings now allow any foodservice operator in America to leverage tea to increase the restaurants profits by serving the best quality tea available to them.

China Mist remains the flagship brand for the tea company and is available through foodservice and grocery channels as well as online through the company’s website. China Mist remains the preferred choice for restaurants who wish to leverage a specialty tea for a superior, differentiating guest experience due to the premium offerings, large variety of flavor profiles and the flexibility in format, delivery and service.

The company’s two new brands of tea are available to foodservice only. DJ’s TeaMarket Blends is a higher quality, better tasting tea than other mid-market brands available with popular, mass appealing flavor profiles and Signature Tea is a value-priced tea that is not bitter or astringent like similar-priced, low end tea.

According to Joe Jacober, President of China Mist Tea Company, “The time is right to give operators more tea options to differentiate their beverage programs. Between the well-documented consumer trends and the fact that tea is usually the highest profit margin item on the menu, serving low-quality tea just isn’t acceptable to consumers and restaurants need a partner to help them respond to new consumer demands.”

About China Mist:

China Mist Tea Company brought gourmet iced tea to foodservice in 1982. Today the company is still recognized for its innovation with tea, and creates comprehensive, tailored beverage solutions for restaurants that enhance the restaurant brand, guest experience and boost  an operator’s bottom line. China Mist Tea Company offers three distinct branded tea offerings to meet the varying needs of multiple market segments: China Mist is a line of specialty tea for a superior, differentiating experience; DJ’s TeaMarket Blends is tea developed to have mass appeal and better taste and quality than other mid-market brands; Signature Tea is a value-priced tea that is not bitter or astringent like similar-priced, low end and commodity teas.