Consumer Watch Group Accuses Corn Refiners of Ignoring FDA Regulations

WASHINGTON — A lobbying group representing the manufacturers of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) has acknowledged that an illegal food additive called HFCS-90 is being sold to food and beverage makers even though the substance has never been tested to be safe or approved for sale by the Food & Drug Administration.

In a letter posted by the FDA on April 6th, 2013, J. Patrick Mohan , President of the Corn Refiners Association states that, in direct violation of FDA regulations, “HFCS-90 has been used in the food supply for decades.” Despite growing concerns over the health risks posed by High Fructose Corn Syrup, Mohan declares that “a food manufacturer may determine for itself whether a food ingredient is safe,” claiming that there is no law that “requires approval of FDA of the safety of a food substance.”

These statements, which are untrue, are evidence of their appalling disregard for food safety and their flagrant violation of federal consumer protection regulations,” said Jim Turner of the consumer watchdog group, Citizens for Health. “There is no question that HFCS-90 is illegal. The FDA has stated it doesn’t have adequate information to assess its safety, and that additional data on the effects of fructose consumption are needed to ensure that this product is safe.”

The FDA has only authorized the use of HFCS with a maximum 55% fructose concentration. HFCS-90 contains 90% fructose.Extensive medical studies have linked excess fructose consumption to serious health risks including obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

In an effort to protect consumers, Citizens for Health has filed an FDA petition (Docket # 2012-P-0904) to initiate enforcement actions against the use of unapproved fructose concentrations in foods and beverages, and to modify package labeling policies so that HFCS concentrations are clearly indicated.

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