Dreamwater Departure: COO Porpiglia Leaves

Two of the original three founders of Dream Water have now left the widely-distributed sleep shot company.

Porpiglia and Lekach during their Entrepreneur photo shoot

Vincent Porpiglia, the company’s COO and acting CMO, resigned last week to pursue other options. Porpiglia’s departure leaves CEO David Lekach as the only original founder with the company; his brother, Joseph, is EVP of Sales.

Co-Founder and CMO Adam Platzner left last March. Coincidentally, Platzner surfaced recently to announce that he has launched an early-stage venture capital fund, Corbellus Capital.

“I still own part of the company, and I still want it to be successful,” Porpiglia said. “Hopefully David will be able to keep it growing.”

The melatonin-powered shot brand has reached about $10 million in revenue since its launch four years ago, according to Porpiglia. It is sold largely in chain accounts and has a strong presence in Wal-Mart.

Porpiglia and Lekach were featured in an Entrepreneur magazine story on “How to Become Your Own Boss.” Tip #3 was “Get a partner.”