Flavrz Organic Drink Mix Announces New Owner

DARIEN, Conn. — Flavrz Organic Beverages LLC recently purchased the assets of the number one selling organic drink mix for water – Flavrz Organic Drink Mix.

Valli Stavros-Baker, President and Co-Owner of Flavrz Organic Beverages LLC says “the water flavoring market is saturated with products made from synthetic chemicals that no one can pronounce. Flavrz Organic Drink Mix is the number one organic alternative for consumers who care about their health”.

Flavorings and drink mixes for water are one of the most rapidly growing grocery categories. Flavrz was the first organic product in this rapidly growing category. With nationwide distribution currently in place, Flavrz is available in most of the leading supermarket chains and natural food focused specialty stores.

“The product is already a hit, consumers love this product, and have already told us they are thrilled to hear that they will continue to be able to buy it “ says Valli Stavros-Baker. Over the last two years the rapid growth of Flavrz, as it went nationwide and expanded it product offerings, resulted in a dramatic increase in working capital needs, beyond the resources available to the original investors. Says Valli, “ we were quite familiar with Flavrz and when we heard of this opportunity it took us less then twenty-four hours to present an offer that was ultimately accepted. The availability of significant new capital will allow us to quickly restock inventory on a few out-of-stock items to satisfy current and anticipated consumer demand”.

Flavrz Organic Drink Mix is currently available in sixteen ounce bottles for home use and one ounce Flavrz2Go pouches for convenience on the go. The Soda line targets the rapidly growing market for products to use with home carbonation systems. The Functional line, available only in 2Go pouches, was developed in response to numerous requests for products with benefits.

“Although we have good growth throughout the product line the Flavrz2Go pouches, especially the Functionals, are the most rapidly growing segment. Consumers love the ability to throw a pouch in a workout bag, purse, lunch box or the car ready to be added to a glass or bottle of water” said Valli.

Currently, the Flavrz Organic Drink Mix product line is comprised of -Fruit Flavrz- Cherry Berry, Lemon-Lime and Tropical -Soda Flavrz- Cola, Root Beer and Gingerale -Functionals- Energy, Immunity and Sports Revive with electrolytes.