Former NFL Player Joins Hydro One Beverages

Jamie Dukes

GREENWOOD, S.C. — Hydro One Premium Beverages is proud to announce that former NFL player Jamie Dukes has joined the company as Senior VP of Community Relations & Strategic Partnerships.

“As a retired 10 year veteran of the National Football League, I found myself a biscuit over 400 pounds. During that period, I also watched 7 teammates die from obesity related deaths. My goal was not to be one of those statistics.” stated Dukes.

“I then established the Put Up Your Dukes Foundation to fight the diseases of Excess Weight. Our mission is to work in underserved communities to bring cutting edge solutions that will help change lives. Hydro One is one of those solutions that are going to be a game changer as we fight chronic disease. My vision is to engage Federal, State and Local government to get a better understanding of how to fight the epidemic we face in underserved communities. Our strategy will also collaborate with Put Up Your Dukes Foundation partners like the American Heart Association. ” Dukes said.

“We are genuinely proud to have Jamie join our team. With his own personal experiences and vision to help others fight obesity and other health related issues, he is an extraordinary addition to our team”, said CEO/Co-Founder Sammy Nasrollahi of Hydro One Premium Beverages.

Nasrollahi added, “Jamie’s interest in helping to change the lives of others from a health standpoint is reflected in the many positive programs he has already established or involved with. Jamie is going to be Hydro One’s Senior Vice President of Community Relationship and Strategic Partnership. We look forward to working and growing together with him in many different ways”.

Hydro One Premium Beverages are award winning all-natural drinks that provide significant nutritional benefits. We are committed to providing healthier beverage alternatives for our society while developing into a world leader in the promotion and education of proper nutritional values.