GNC to Debut A-GAME Cross Functional Beverage

ORLANDO, Fla. — All In Beverage LLC (AIB) is very pleased to announce that GNC will be the company’s first national retailer to debut their innovative, cross functional beverage, “A-GAME.” A-GAME will be distributed to over 3000 GNC locations across the United States. GNC will carry all three flavors which includes Tropical, Citrus, and in particular, their newest flavor, Cherry Pomegranate for which GNC will be carrying exclusively.

A-GAME is an innovative, Cross Functional beverage that brings a spectrum of electrolytes, 8 essential vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. A-GAME’s primary function is to address the consumer needs for rehydration, energy, and nutrition. The key distinct benefit of A-GAME includes the use of honey for flavor and energy, fruit & vegetable juice for coloring, and sea salt minerals as a natural and highly effective alternative to replenish the body’s water and electrolyte levels. A-GAME contains no artificial ingredients, flavors, colors or preservatives. Whether you’re health conscious consumers or sports enthusiasts, AGAME is ideal for everyone.

As the world knows, the term “A-GAME” is the universal call for doing your best and striving for perfection. All In Beverage, LLC not only operates by that motto, but their ultimate goal is to spread this concept around globe. AIB wants every woman, man and child to bring their “A-GAME” in every aspect of their life. The world is in need of positive momentum. With the partnership of GNC, A-GAME wants to be the fuel that powers that momentum.

About All In Beverage, LLC

Founded in August of 2010, AIB, is a privately owned company based out of Orlando, Florida that is focused on bringing the most effective and energizing cross functional beverages to the U.S. market. AIB developed its flagship brand, A-GAME, to fulfill the needs of the health conscience consumers and sports enthusiasts.