Hockey Soda Beverage Co. Adds National Sportscaster as Brand Ambassador, Investor

John Buccigross

Glastonbury, Conn. —  Hockey Soda Beverage Company, LLC is excited to announce national sportscaster, hockey columnist and broadcaster, John Buccigross has joined Hockey Soda Energy’s Executive Team as both a brand ambassador and investor. “John brings his passion and dedication for the sport of hockey as well as his creativity to our company and the Hockey Soda Energy brand,” said Hockey Soda Beverage president, Joe Bonfiglio.

Buccigross, a Pittsburgh native and longtime sports anchor, has a strong love for the game of hockey. His two sons Brett and Jack are both avid hockey players and share their fathers passion for hockey. When asked about the Hockey Soda Energy brand, Buccigross stated, “Life, like hockey, is about energy. The more, the better. The fan of hockey deserves their own brand.” Visit Buccigross’  twitter page (@buccigross) and you can see hockey players and fans from all ages and levels, professional, college, and juniors sharing their experiences on and off the ice.

“Bucci’s wit, humor, hockey vernacular and creativity will help take Hockey Soda Energy to new and exciting places, Bonfiglio added. “We are proud that our executive team and board members all have roots in hockey. To add Buccigross to our team just strengthens our grassroots approach and our commitment to producing the best energy drink on the market.”

About Hockey Soda Beverage Company, LLC

Hockey Soda Energy is a fully carbonated cola-citrus energy blend with a unique soda flavor. It contains L-Glutamine which studies have shown can minimize breakdown of muscle and improve protein metabolism.