Ingredion Inc. Granted Patent For Starch Technology

WESTCHESTER, Ill. — Ingredion Incorporated has been granted a patent in the US for its latest clean label starch technology, which is based on new processing technology that allows the production of very high performance and high quality functional native starches. This United States patent is the second to be granted in a series of filings based on this technology.  The new technology will enable the company to add to its clean label portfolio which includes over 30 clean label ingredients that deliver superior functionality and performance with an additive-free positioning.

As the world’s leading supplier of functional native starches to the food and beverage industry, Ingredion has been a leader in the clean label trend since its inception over two decades ago. The company continues to dedicate internal resources and significant investment to developing and bringing clean label ingredients to market. Ingredion further supports the technological advancements it has made with food formulation and technical expertise and by constantly collecting consumer insights from around the globe.

The global research conducted by Ingredion provides insights into the impact of product labelling on purchasing behaviour in different regions and enables the company to make recommendations on how to cater for these distinct consumer requirements.

Aaron Edwards, global director of wholesome ingredients at Ingredion, commented: “We have been at the forefront of innovation in the clean label market space since the trend started to take shape. This newly patented technology is an excellent step forward and really gives us the chance to bring the market even more; more performance from clean label ingredients, more opportunities to position foods as clean label, and more clean label ingredients that meet processing requirements.

“Our focus is on providing the broadest range of clean label starch ingredients possible to open up the innovation capabilities of food manufacturers in the clean label space around the world. The investments in technology advancement Ingredion has made, coupled with our food formulation and consumer insight expertise, make us the partner of choice for participants in the clean label market.”

About Ingredion

The Ingredion group of companies is a leading global ingredient solutions provider, specialising in nature-based sweeteners, starches and nutritional ingredients. With customers in more than 40 countries, the Ingredion group of companies serve approximately 60 diverse sectors in food, beverage, brewing pharmaceuticals and other industries. The main trading companies within the EMEA Region are Ingredion UK Limited, Ingredion Germany GmbH and Ingredion South Africa Pty Limited.