Ito En Launches TEAS’ TEA Unsweetened DECAF Tea

ITO EN, the world’s leading purveyor of green tea leaves and makers of the award-winning bottled tea, will launch TEAS’ TEA Unsweetened DECAF tea, offering a new alternative to their line-up of ready-to-drink teas.

Authentically brewed from premium loose tea leaves and carefully decaffeinated to preserve the tea’s true taste, the new TEAS’ TEA Unsweetened DECAF will be offered in two new flavors- Green Tea and Black Tea.  With the company’s meticulously sourced tea leaves and proprietary brewing method, the tea offers a refreshingly smooth taste and a clean finish. The new TEAS’ TEA DECAF is the perfect alternative for the health-conscious and caffeine sensitive consumer, offering  zero calories and naturally occurring tea antioxidants.

“We are pleased to offer a high quality tea for the caffeine sensitive customer. The new DECAF tea meets our taste standards and affirms our commitment to products that uphold our five guiding principles of Natural, Healthy, Delicious, Safe and Well-designed.”

TEAS’ TEA has been recognized for the clarity and taste with several wins at the North American Tea Championship. This year the  Unsweetened Green Tea  won First Place in the Ready-to drink Unsweetened/Unflavored Green Tea Category and the TEAS’ TEA Half & Half Green Lemonade for the Green Tea Sweetened category.  The championship is judged by a panel of professional cuppers and retail buyers of tea and restauranteurs assessing through blind organoleptic analysis.

With more Americans embracing a healthier lifestyle , TEAS’ TEA is gaining rapid distribution for its tea innovation and distinct clean finish. The company recently reduced the packaging of the PET1 recyclable bottles to 18.7 grams compared to the industry standard of 24 grams. The non-leaching BPA free bottles are fully wrapped minimizing light exposure to reduce oxidation and preserve the antioxidants in the tea.

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