LaCroix Sparkling Water Makes Canadian Debut at Target

LaCroix Sparkling Water, the #1 U.S. domestic sparkling water brand [in a can], makes its Canadian debut in Ontario at Target stores.  Target has announced plans to open 124 stores across Canada throughout 2013 – giving our neighbors to the north the opportunity to experience the flavorful sophistication of LaCroix sparkling waters.

“LaCroix has enjoyed tremendous success with consumers who are breaking the habit of consuming sugary or artificially-sweetened drinks.  Target is well-regarded as a ‘trend creator,’ attracting health-conscious consumers with discerning palates, so extending our partnership with Target Canada is a logical and exciting next step for us,” said Vanessa Walker, senior director strategic brand management.

Four of LaCroix’s most popular 100% natural flavors will be initially introduced through Target Canada: lemon, lime, grapefruit and pure will be available in 8-packs of 355ml canettes.

LaCroix maintains a lower carbon footprint than its competitors, as its manufacturing plants are located in North America.  Its iconic aluminum can is 100% recyclable and perpetually sustainable.

About LaCroix

LaCroix Sparkling Water serves as a healthy alternative to the many artificially- sweetened beverages on the market. LaCroix products are calorie, sweetener and sodium free – with nothing artificial.

Available in nine flavors – berry, coconut, cran-raspberry, lemon, lime, orange, peach-pear, grapefruit and pure, LaCroix is sold across the U.S. at Target and Walgreens, an d regionally at various natural and mainstream supermarket chains and specialty food stores.

LaCroix Sparkling Water is a product of the Sundance Beverage Company and is part of the National Beverage Corp. family.