Lettuce Tea Refines Formulation, Packaging

Tampa, Fla. (April 10, 2013) — Complex Beverage announced today that it has refined the profile and characteristic of the Lettuce RTD Tea brand by upgrading its innovative design appeal, and optimizing the flavor content. In this revision, the natural lettuce light green color was adopted to highlight the label graphic background. In a similar effort, the front label banner showcased the Lettuce Tea name in a Chow Mein scripted theme designed to significantly highlight the natural attribute of the brand, and appropriately deliver on its health and wellness promises.

The Lettuce Tea is the only functional hybrid beverage on the market deploying the nutritive values and the health protective benefits of a vegetable as a base, incorporating it with the black tea leave extract to produce a new blueprint for the next generation of functional tea beverage products.

In addition to the new Apricot, Mango, and Strawberry flavors, the company has now rolled out one more flavor to its line, a pomegranate flavor, making available 4 SKUs for sales and distribution.

In the near future, the company has set plan to add 4 more SKUs to be staged with green tea leaf extract to consolidate a total of 8 individual flavors for retail sales.

When asked, Mr. Antoine, the president of Complex Beverage said: “This product harnesses the power of innovation, leverage its strength and anticipate making the greatest possible impact in the beverage industry. Consequently, the TREASURE HUNTERs, seeking for new and unique, don’t have to venture far. The TREASURE …is found, in the Lettuce Tea.”

Complex Beverage is confident that it has a product ready to deliver huge growth driving uptake in the RTD flavored tea market, and this is not only here in the US, but also across the globe.

Internally, the Lettuce Tea brand is simply justified as:  One-Of-Its-Kind, rare, exceptional, memorable, unprecedented, unmatched, innovative, long lasting, desirable, easy to identify, instantly recognize, adoptable, attractable, and… holistic. These are the marks of a product ready for success… on a global scale.

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