Mountain Valley Spring Company Announces New Glass Co-Packing Capabilities

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — Mountain Valley Spring Company has bottled natural spring water in Hot Springs, AR since 1871 and is the oldest continuously operating bottled water company in America.  As a brand, Mountain Valley is enthusiastically associated with award winning taste, high quality glass packaging and a rich heritage. Speed Stodghill, Director of Sales, Private Label Division of Mountain Valley Spring Company announces exciting new co-packing a private label capabilities:

“We have invested in a pressure sensitive labeler on our glass line.  Our glass supply partner, O-I, is now sending us a undecorated bottle.  This gives us the flexibility to manage new co-packing and private label projects that we did not have before.  We think there is a fantastic opportunity for us to provide a premium domestic alternative for the glass bottled water market.  We can package natural spring water; flavored or enhanced; sparkling or still; bottled in 1 liter glass and labeled with a high-end, custom, pressure sensitive label – all made in the USA.”
“We are kicking off with a 1 liter bottle and intend to grow the family to include a 1/3 liter bottle and a 1/2 liter bottle.  If you are in the market for premium domestic glass bottled water this is a good time to get in touch with us.”

About Mountain Valley Spring Company

Mountain Valley Spring Company is a premium bottled water producer headquartered in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. For over 140 years, the Company and its predecessors have bottled and sold natural spring water flowing from proprietary natural springs located in central Arkansas. The Company, which bottles its water in both glass and plastic bottles, also manufactures plastic bottles from PET for use in its bottling operations and for sale to third party beverage bottlers.