Pleasant Kids to Enter Water Enhancer Industry

BURBANK, Calif. — Pleasant Kids, Inc. (OTCQB: NYBD) (“AQUA” or the “Company”), is proud to announce its entry into the multi-billion dollar water enhancer industry. The company is working with a national lab in the creation of five-liquid flavored water enhancers for its 8oz. Pleasant Kids natural balanced alkalized spring water. The Company will distribute these new fun and exciting 1.25oz liquid flavored water enhancers in the beverage mix section of grocery stores, with a MSRP of $3.99 each. With convenient water flavored enhancer gaining traction in the market, the mixer has the potential to expand sales to $500 million within the next three years.

“The company envisions parents carrying this product to sports events, schools, playgrounds and making children enjoy drinking water by personalizing flavor on demand,” said Calvin Lewis Vice-President and Company Chemist Stated. He also went on to say: “Our number one priority is the health of the children when developing our flavors. There will be no artificial flavors, sweeteners, sugars, sodium and gluten. Products like Mio and Dasani Drops, popular with younger consumers, are a riff on powdered drink flavors like Crystal Light or Kool Aid, sold for decades, and made by Kraft. The new liquids are less messy, simpler to carry in a purse and make it easy to immediately see how much flavor has been added our focus is all-natural, safe and fun for children.”

About Pleasant Kids, Inc.

Pleasant Kids, Inc. (OTCQB: NYBD) is America’s premier naturally balanced alkaline pH-8.0+ spring water for children. Pleasant Kids mission is to educate and make the consumption of drinking naturally balanced alkaline pH-8.0+ spring water fun for children!

Pleasant Kids water product only utilizes natural alkalized spring water sourced in the United States with no chemical or ionization process. In addition, Pleasant Kids uses BPA-Free (Bisphenol A) products for bottling to create a healthy clean alternative for children to consume alkalinized water. The US FDA has already removed BPA from baby bottles, sippy cups and baby formula packaging. Pleasant Kids has also developed a family of animated characters to help market Pleasant Kids water and educate through fun and informative messaging to children and their parents about healthier choices.

The Company will seek to utilize these characters to market Pleasant Kids water products and to license for broad media utilization through an animated series and game application. The message delivered will always be directed to healthy choices to promote a better quality of life.