ProTonic Protein Water Enters Retail Market

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. — ProTonic: Hydration & Fuel, LLC presents an enhanced water that is sugar free, has no artificial flavors and is fortified with 18 grams of protein. ProTonic: Hydration & Fuel, LLC manufactures and distributes the diabetic friendly ProTonic Water that will quench thirst, and refuel the body while balancing dietary carbs.

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, T. Taylor Minchey developed ProTonic Water as an adjunct to her patients at Indian Lake Medical Weight Loss & Wellness, where she specializes in healthy living, weight loss, obesity management, diabetes education and nutritional counseling. Taylor, who is the Clinical Practice Owner, has a Master’s of Science in Nursing and an extensive background in Nephrology, as a Nephrology Nurse Practitioner where she managed chronic renal disease and its comorbidities. She is an often sought after metabolism advice expert and known for her popular team based slogan as “The Metabolism Experts.” In less than 4 years, she has helped over 7,000 men and women reach their health and wellness goals.

With headquarters based in Middle, Tennessee, ProTonic Water is low in calories, has only one carbohydrate and offers a medley of citrus notes with a subtle splash of Stevia. The original formulation releases in September 2013 as a 20 ounce non-carbonated beverage. The nutritional benefit of the protein in ProTonic Water provides amino acids that the body itself cannot synthesize. ProTonic Water is available for purchase in a 20 ounce 12-pack case for direct sales, online sales and through local distributors. ProTonic Water stands apart from other protein beverages on the market due to ease of consumption, taste, benefits to the consumer and most importantly the delivery of hydration with a purpose.

For more information about ProTonic Water or distribution inquiries, contact the sales department by email at or call toll free at 1-855-349-6132.