PURE SWISS Broadens Footprint

SAN FRANCISCO — PURE SWISS AG, a Swiss premium mineral water brand has reached agreements with the eminent AKiN’s and Chamberlin’s Natural Foods retailers who have stores across Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas and Florida.

“I heartily welcome our new relationship with these two great retailers. This new connection represents how our efforts towards expansion are rapidly being realized, although there is still much work to be done,” said Alex Fries, CEO of PURE SWISS.

The company’s growing and powerful partnerships between local and national distributors along with dedicated executives support the expansion of PURE SWISS into the Midwestern and Southern portion of the U.S. PURE SWISS will make an excellent addition to the already impressive line of natural, healthy products offered at AKiN’s and Chamberlin’s.

“We believe that PURE SWISS’ ability to offer an all natural alkaline mineral water that is both low in sodium & nitrates and contains an array of essential electrolytes will greatly appeal to AKiN’s and Chamberlin’s customer base,” added Fries.

About AKiN’s and Chamberlin’s Natural Foods Market

Since 1935, AKiN’S Natural Foods has been recognized as one of the most complete and innovative retailers of Natural Foods in the world. Chamberlin’s Market and Café was Founded in 1935 and started with a commitment to serving the downtown Orlando community with quality herbs, teas, nutrition supplements, and more. Now, nearly 70 years later, this same vision has expanded to include 16 locations across Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas through AKiN’s Natural Foods Store. The two prominent retailers have become full-service supermarkets offering bakeries, produce, and natural and cruelty-free personal care products.


PURE SWISS AG, a subsidiary of PURE SWISS Holding in Switzerland, is a privately held company in operation since early 2009. Our mission is to bring healthy, refreshing mineral water straight from the pristine Swiss Alps to consumers worldwide. PURE SWISS is available in both glass and PET, is naturally alkaline, low in both sodium & nitrates, and contains an array of essential electrolytes – it’s simply healthy and refreshing. PURE SWISS is also available in California, Utah and Arizona at leading supermarkets and natural food retailers such as Bristol Farms, Akin’s, Raley’s, Draeger’s Markets, WholeFoods and Harmons.