Purple Stuff Now Available on Amazon

HOUSTON — Funktional Beverages, Inc. (The manufacturer of Purple Stuff Relaxation drinks) went Live on Monday with Amazon.Com to a record-setting opening day for on-line orders of the relaxation drinks Purple Stuff.

“We opened to over 100 cases of orders within the first three hours. The speed is picking up on consumer views; and we expect to be shipping pallets worth of product to consumers within the next two weeks.” Says Heather Duchesneau V.P. Logistics at Funktional Beverages, Inc.

Tim Lucas, CMO at Funktional Beverages, Inc. explained why after 5 years of On-Line sales they decided to partner with Amazon.Com.

“Our primary goal of the brand is and has always been Brick & Mortar stores,” he said. “The Internet has been a brand-building tool where consumers around the world pay for samples and get to experience the brand’s awesomeness as the best tasting relaxation drinks on today’s market. There have been many individuals and small companies that have filled in for the tremendous curiosity by re-selling Purple Stuff relaxation drinks. We have seen sales at some college campuses in the Four to Nine Dollar per can range. We decided to go with Amazon to keep price gouging in remote locations from getting out of hand and we recognize the demand is high where availability is often limited. We also have come to realize that until we can saturate the United States of America with Purple Stuff, we will have a growing Internet product business. Since saturation depends on distributors and retailers and not just consumer demand or our production capabilities, we expect to have a going concern with Amazon for the foreseeable future.”

“You can’t make somebody love your brand; they have to fall in love with your brand. This brand has that WOW factor… Purple Stuff is just an idea whose time has come.” Tim Lucas

About Purple Stuff

Purple Stuff is currently available across 25 states in select QuikTrip’s, Kroger, 7-Eleven, Wal-Mart, Smiths Stores. Purple Stuff is distributed by various DSD networks and select wholesale company warehouses.

About Funktional Beverages, Inc.

Funktional Beverages, Inc. is a manufacturer and designer of cold fill / hot fill beverages and nutritional supplements. Brand name Lines include Superliminal Purple Stuff and Supraliminal Labs Red Stuff. The company also does private label bottling.