Red Ace Organics Expands National Retail Presence With Vitamin Shoppe

LOS ANGELES — Red Ace Organics today announce its organic beet performance shot will be available at 586 Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide. Starting May 2013, the organic beet juice supplement will be available at the register of the prestigious U.S. retail giant further solidifying Red Ace’s penetration and foothold as America’s beet juice company.

“We’re pleased to bring Red Ace into the Vitamin Shoppe for our customers,” said Michael Martin, Category Manager for the Vitamin Shoppe. “Our customers are always looking for new and innovative products to help them with their health and wellness goals.”

Using nitrate-rich beetroot juice, Red Ace Organics is a performance supplement derived from organic beets, and is important for developing and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. In one small bottle, Red Ace is a completely natural way to amp up one’s endurance, and boost cardiovascular activity.

Consuming Red Ace daily will boost athletic performance by improving blood flow, and it can also assist in lowering blood pressure. Each bottle contains 3 organic beets, comprised of all-organic products, and has no added sugar. Red Ace helps to support cardiovascular health and increase stamina. This is not your mother’s borscht, Red Ace also contains organic lemon juice. Red Ace offers one of the most delicious and refreshing options in the supplement industry.

About Red Ace Organics

For athletes, there has never been a drug, substance, or steroid that could increase energy extraction from oxygen, until now. Red Ace Organic Beet Juice supplement is an all-organic product that research indicates will help athletes deliver oxygen and nutrients better through the body. Red Ace is currently available on-line and featured in over 200 organic and natural retail locations nationwide. Red Ace launched its retail footprint exclusively with Whole Foods Markets December 2012.