Red Ace Organics Now Sold in 780 Locations Nationwide

Organic beet juice supplement experiences unprecedented brand growth nationwide

Los Angeles, CA (Wednesday, August 14, 2013) – Since its January 2013 launch, Red Ace Organics, an energizing, organic beet juice beverage, has taken the nation by storm with its presence reaching 780 locations.  Red Ace improves and increases athletic performance, and it packs a great taste.  The pocket-sized red bottle has created a category of its own- an organic performance supplement that has never before existed.

Using nitrate-rich beetroot juice, Red Ace Organics is a performance supplement derived from organic beets, and is integral to developing and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.  As opposed to other leading supplements, Red Ace is a completely natural way to amp up one’s accomplishment and boost cardiovascular activity that comes in a bottle small enough to fit in a handbag, pocket, or suitcase.

Consuming Red Ace daily will boost athletic performance by improving blood flow and can also assist in lowering blood pressure.  Each bottle of the sugar-free supplement contains three organic beets, and is comprised of 100% organic ingredients, all of which help to support cardiovascular health and increase stamina.  With organic beet juice concentrate, organic lemon juice, and organic natural flavors, Red Ace offers one of the most delicious and refreshing options on the market.

“We’re thrilled about the Red Ace Organics expansion, in only six months, we have developed from an initial 47 retail locations to  780, which calculates to a retail growth rate of 1,667%,” says Miles McCabe, Red Ace Co-Founder.

Red Ace is derived from a real superfood producing significant and genuine results. Red Ace is high in vitamins and minerals, a natural tonic for cleansing the liver, and a high source of energy.

Red Ace’s stamina in the industry is reflected in the contents of its bottle- athletes and health-conscious alike are buying Red Ace by the case, either at Whole Foods or online.  The beet juice supplement brand is proving: this is not your mother’s borsht.

About Red Ace Organics: For athletes, there has never been a drug, substance, or steroid that could increase energy extraction from oxygen, until now. Red Ace Organics beet juice supplement is a 100% organic beverage that research indicates will help athletes increase their oxygen and nutrients through out their bodies.  Unlike other competitors on the market, Red Ace is a delicious and healthy way to strengthen athletic performance. Red Ace is a currently available on-line and featured in over 780 locations nationwide, including Whole Foods and other nutritional retailers. For more information visit


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