The Double Cola Company’s Caffeine Free Ski Is Back and Ready to Launch

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — A combination of popular demand and the rebranding of the Ski Citrus Soda brand family has brought Caffeine Free Ski back into the picture.

In 2009, The Double Cola Company decided to offer only Caffeine Free Diet Ski. At the time, the trend was offering drinks with both zero caffeine and zero sugar. However, the reality is there are Ski consumers who do not drink diet drinks, but desire caffeine free options. This is the case in many of Ski’s rural markets and areas where Ski has a lot of history.

Real requests from both consumers and distributors to put Caffeine Free Ski back on the shelves led The Double Cola Company to consider offering Caffeine Free Ski again. This time of the year couldn’t be a more perfect time for the company to reintroduce Caffeine Free Ski. The entire family of Ski brands was just rebranded and now has dynamic new graphics. While packaging for all Ski brands was being updated, the company decided to create new graphics and packaging for Caffeine Free Ski.

Caffeine Free Ski is made with real fruit juices. The soft drink’s taste is extremely comparable to that of Ski Citrus Soda, which is why “Love at First Swig” is proclaimed on the 12 pack carton. Caffeine Free Ski is scheduled to hit shelves this month.

Mitch Reed, Director of Sales for The Double Cola Company, is confident in Caffeine Free Ski’s potential: “the brand will fill the need of those consumers who want to limit their intake of caffeine, while still being able to enjoy the great taste of SKI!”

About Double Cola

The Double Cola Company is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Around the world, bottlers and distributors market Double Cola’s family of soft drinks.