VPX Revamps Protein Rush

Vital Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VPX/Redline) announced today its popular ready to drink Protein Rush is back in stock. However, gone is the cardboard tetra-pack, which has been replaced by an aesthetic 12 oz plastic bottle containing a whopping 28 grams of VPX’s proprietary, best tasting, 7-stage protein complex.

According to VPX CEO and Chief Scientific Officer Jack Owoc stated, “there came a time when we knew we were going to have to change the old cardboard tetra pack, but VPX has never been content with just rolling with the times, VPX changes the game. That’s why we produced the perfect bottle and packed it with an industry toppling 28 grams of the highest quality, best tasting, 7-stage protein complex delivering essential amino acids for dramatic muscle building. No other protein RTD on the market can come close to matching the taste, convenience and muscle building power of NEW Protein Rush RTD.”

For over two decades VPX has been very consistent in offering only the best tasting quality products to consumers, and is proud to continue the tradition with VPX’s version of the portable protein shake. VPX/Redline was founded in 1993 with the mission of producing the highest-grade, University proven sports nutrition supplements and performance beverages in the world. To date, 22 landmark studies conducted at prestigious universities have supported the success of VPX products, in addition to 5 patents and patents pending.

To further promote science and research in the industry, VPX hosts two Science Summits each year where the top PhD’s and researchers in Sports Nutrition and Athletic Performance present their latest discoveries, much of which is involved in development of new, state-of-the-art VPX/Redline products. VPX/Redline continues to update and release new nutrition products year round, proudly maintaining its distinction as the “Frontrunner in Sports Nutrition”.