WAT-AAH! Announces Music Video Integration

NEW YORK — WAT-AAH!, a NYC based company that provides a line of functional bottled water for kids and teens, founded in 2008, will be featured in the newest music video from pop sensations, The Wanted. Today, British boy band, and stars of the upcoming E! series ‘The Wanted Life’, released the video for ‘She Walks Like Rihanna;’ the first single from their forthcoming album. WAT-AAH! is present throughout the video and this represents the brand’s first global music video integration and capitalizes on its growing relationship with young celebs and performers.

“We believe our target audience will really love the video and it was exciting to see the band, Max, Siva, Tom, Jay and Nathan, having fun with our product,” says WAT-AAH!’s CEO/Founder, Rose Cameron . “We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with The Wanted following our recent PSA for Move Your Body 2013, which was created to motivate kids to exercise and be active in support of the First Lady Michelle Obama ‘s Let’s Move! initiative,” she adds.

The Wanted kicks off WAT-AAH!’s Move Your Body 2013 PSA when Siva shouts “Hey you there!” to get the kids excited.

Part of this integration will also include an exclusive behind the scenes video, which will be released by WAT-AAH! on Thursday May 9th, 2013. Fans can get a first look at the video by visiting WAT-AAH!’s Facebook or joining the conversation on Twitter by tweeting @wataah with the hashtag #WalksLikeRihanna.

WAT-AAH! has proven that healthy can be a business success. Forbes Magazine recently covered the company in the article,”New York Mom Outsmarts Coke and Pepsi”, pointing out its timely proposition, smart marketing and growing success at retail level including schools. It is one of the fastest growing functional bottled water in the industry, growing 236% annually, and a true testament that young consumers will choose healthier options, especially when marketed towards them in the right way.

About WAT-AAH!

WAT-AAH! is a line of functional water free of sugar, artificial flavor or coloring of any kind and tastes like pure unadulterated water. Rose Cameron , the CEO and Founder, created WAT-AAH! after learning an alarming fact that today’s generation of kids are predicted to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents due to childhood obesity. Inspired by her two boys and Cameron’s 20+ years of experience in brand building and developing successful national marketing campaigns for various industries, she and her sons worked together to design WAT-AAH!’s screaming boy logo and its first line of functional products, which entered the market in 2008. Since then, WAT-AAH! has aimed to make water “cool” and contemporary to kids and teens to encourage their consumption. WAT-AAH! is available in major supermarket chains as well as school districts nationwide.