Youthtopia’s Alley Oop Sports Drink Launches Social Media Program

CLEVELAND — To help capture the attention of today’s kids, tweens, teens and young adults. Youthtopia™ Beverages’ Alley Oop™ sports drink, today announced it has created a unique web site that acts as its social media platform. Through its web site, users/visitors are able to create personalized accounts, upload content, create blog and forum entries and listen to custom branded radio. The social media web site acts as a community of people that have a passion for sports and music while serving as a platform for users to highlight individual and community achievements and events.

Specifically, Youthtopia has launched a 24-hour “Alley Oop Radio Station” that streams digitally via the company web site and such recognized and popular outlets as TiVo, Roku and the Live365 app. The radio station and site are supporting up and coming, independent artists by building direct relationships with these artists who have millions of social media followers. The brand has launched a “Who’s Next” program providing these artists a radio outlet to spread their music and in return these artists help spread the word about Ally Oop. The brand scouts artists on Twitter and personally invites them to the site where their music is submitted for play consideration. Once a song plays in rotation, the song and artist information is Tweeted by Youthtopia and the artists re-tweet and expose the Alley Oop brand to their followers.

“We live in a world that’s connected through social media and music is an across the board medium that our target audience can appreciate and share. That helps give us recognition at a very low, if not no, cost and translates to support at retail,” said Chief Operating Officer Ron Fuqua. “We want our distribution and retail partners to know that we are connecting with our target audiences and as such supporting their decision to bring us into their businesses and accounts.”

In addition to the music, cross promotional commercials are produced and programmed into the radio station to promote the product and drive consumers to retailers in specific areas of availability, like south Florida. Beyond the radio station, Youthtopia is promoting its Alley Oop brand by utilizing Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in strategic fashion that targets key markets. It is working through retailers, junior high and high schools and colleges to make impressions.

Youthtopia is also creating connections with local sports organizations and cherry picking local events for participation and publicizing its efforts via social media. Alley Oop™ is designed for active youth, teens and young adults 10-24 years old. Developed by a health and fitness inspired Ophthalmologist, Alley Oop™ is low-calorie, low-sugar, caffeine-free, Gluten-free, vitamin enhanced and formulated to hydrate and replenish electrolytes lost during regular and aggressive activities. All Youthtopia™ products are specifically created to provide healthy and safe energy and to support the demand for beverage options that help address the growing incidence of childhood obesity and diabetes.

“We are making every effort to connect with our audiences where they like to be,” said Youthtopia™ Beverage’s creator and founder, Dr. Brenda Faye Jones.”

Alley Oop™ is the first beverage introduced by Youthtopia™ Beverages and comes in three great tasting flavors, Citrus Grind, Slam Punch and Straw Mango. With only 40 calories per 16oz. serving, 10 grams of sugar, calcium, vitamins D multiple B vitamins, all natural flavors and no preservatives or caffeine, the sports drink provides a truly better way to hydrate and is an energy-providing alternative. Each bottle is expected to sell at retail for $1.99 to $2.29.

Alley Oop™ and other Youthtopia™ Beverages are being methodically introduced first in South Florida and the Southeast, and other strategic locations across the country. About Youthtopia™ Beverage Brands, Youthtopia, LLC The health and wellness of today’s youth and teens are at the heart of Youthtopia™ Beverages. Founded by a health and fitness inspired Ophthalmologist, Youthtopia’s mission is to provide energizing, healthy and great-tasting beverages that are designed to promote an active lifestyle and fight diabetes and obesity. With more health and wellness issues facing America’s youth, including childhood obesity, digestive disorders, heart and circulatory illnesses, respiratory problems and type 2 diabetes, many of these ailments are linked to a poor diet that’s fueled by a lack of healthy beverage options.

All Youthtopia product lines are designed to provide parents and youth with healthful, delicious beverage options. The company’s goal is to educate, activate and naturally hydrate young people through our products and our marketing methods that send the right messages through the right channels that reach our target audiences. Youthtopia aims to cultivate a new culture of youths that are empowered with smart beverage options that combine health, great taste and fun! For more information about Youthtopia™ Beverage and its products, visit or call 216-200-8306.