Califia Farms Citrus Juice Now Available in Single-Serve Bottles

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Califia Farms’ Pure Squeezed California Juices are now available in Single Serve 10.5 oz. bottles for on-the-go occasions. Califia’s specialty Citrus Juices are all Non-GMO Project Verified, in refreshing flavors that capture the essence of the Company’s namesake state: Lemonade, Lemon Limeade, Tangerine and Orange Juice.

Citrus fans will travel to California’s orchards with every sip of these Homestyle Pure Squeezed Juices. Locally grown, juiced and bottled in the groves of California, every bottle is packed with the freshest, tastiest and truest flavor of oranges, tangerines lemons and limes. Califia Farms Lemonade is made from fresh California Meyer lemons, the deliciously smooth darling of the citrus world, and Califia’s Premium Pure Squeezed Orange Juice is a delicious blend of Valencia Oranges and other California varietals.

“This California citrus line extension is really exciting for juice fans,” said Greg Steltenpohl, CEO, Califia Farms. “The juice business has become crowded with lots of me-too products that all look the same, which is why we’re confident that our straight-from-the-farm California Citrus flavors will stand out in the crowd. The convenience of Single Serve is a sweet spot for the Ultra Premium category, and with the only Tangerine Single Serve on the market, these offerings are attracting new consumers to retailers’ and foodservice’s Grab-N-Go coolers.”

Califia Farms picks its fruit at the height of the season and bottles its juices in the middle of the Company’s family-owned groves, capturing the healthy sweetness of California’s citrus. The California Citrus Juice line comes in Califia Farms’ distinctive 10.5 oz. BPA-free 100 percent recyclable bottle, so consumers will already know they are getting a high-quality all-natural beverage when they see it on Whole Foods’ shelves. The line’s packaging is reminiscent of classic California fruit crate labels, with bold, beautiful colors bursting from the bottle, inviting juice-drinkers to the Gold Coast.