Chill Shot Available in New 2 Oz. Shot

chill shotSOMERVILLE, N.J. — Hundreds of beverage options exist for people who want to increase their energy level, but only CHILL SHOT® does the opposite without causing drowsiness.  With its new all-natural, non GMO,  anti-anxiety formula, CHILL SHOT enables an individual to become calm while maintaining their ability focus and enhance their mood.

“In a word, CHILL SHOT® helps you ‘chill’,” says Sean Flannery, President and Managing Member.

CHILL SHOT® is available in a new convenient two-ounce shot that enables the drinker to have it on the go, whenever they feel the need to relax and stay focused –   Chill Shot is derived from natural herbs, minerals and vitamins that combine to alleviate anxiety without drowsiness.

How does it work?  CHILL SHOT® contains a proprietary beverage blend utilizing Zembrin, the standardized extract of the South African herb Sceletium Tortuosum. Sceletium has been studied in clinical trials and written about in scientific journals.  Two renowned scientific agencies have studied the ingredients including The National Institutes of Health and The National Center for Biotechnology Information. CHILL SHOT® is compounded at NBGS USA.  NBGS utilizes a proprietary compounding technology to heighten the effects of the herb extracts.

Chill Shot is launching a unique partnership with the Stop the Violence Campaign in November.  “Stop the Violence, take a CHILL SHOT is one of our key initiatives,” says Flannery.  “We want to create a movement and allow people to just Chill.”


CHILL SHOT LLC is a private company based in  New Jersey. In partnership with NGBS USA, CHILL SHOT LLC It is currently in the process of developing a number of anti-anxiety solutions for a variety of future customers.   The first commercialized product from this partnership is Chill Shot®, in two forms: Very Berry and Kushberry. CHILL SHOT®  is a non-GMO- and GRAS-certified  formula is packed with vitamins and bottled in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in the U.S.