Cocozia Expands Footprint in Southern California

COCOZIA (3)NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Epicurex LLC has expanded the reach of their great-tasting and naturally beneficial coconut water Cocozia®, and the healthy and hydrating drink is now available in stores across Southern California.

Health conscious SoCal residents can benefit from the organic goodness of the pure water that comes from green coconuts, which is 100% organic, non-GMO project verified and free from both sugar and gluten. The natural abundance of electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium in Cocozia® replenishes fluids and minerals that are lost from the body during exercise, as well as balancing muscle action. No wonder that it’s been acclaimed as the healthy alternative to preservative-loaded, sugary sports drinks, and has already gone down a storm with fitness fanatics and athletes in states across the US.

“Our commitment to satisfying our customers goes further than just sharing the pure, great taste of Cocozia® with them,” said Paul Kilbride, Vice President of Sales. “We care about our customers’ health too, and we’re confident that the health benefits of our coconut water will be welcomed in Southern California.”

As a study by First Fitness Medical Health Centre in Vienna discovered, ‘One reason that coconut water is superior as a sports drink . . . is because coconut water seems to restore blood glucose levels faster’¹, so not only is Cocozia® the ideal solution for keeping the body hydrated during and after exercise, it also boosts endurance levels.

Cocozia® is now stocked in the following outlets in Southern California:

  • Nature’s Health Food & Café in Palm Springs.
  • Famima branches in Newport Beach, Santa Monica and Los Angeles.
  • Real. Raw. Live. in Hollywood.
  • Pacific Coast Greens in Los Angeles.
  • Erewhon Natural Foods in Los Angeles.

About Epicurex LLC

Epicurex LLC imports and distributes high-quality and authentic exotic beverages from Asia, and their mission is to provide only the best in all-natural, USDA organic products that taste great and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

¹ Martins, A. and Waldshutz, D., Coconut Water as a Sports Drink and Its Effects on the Fitness of Aging Athletes, Asian Journal of Exercise & Sports Science. 9 (2), 1-12.